<aside> 💡 Say you would like to place an ad selling your car online and that's one item in your to-do list but you realize you haven't even taken pictures of the car yet.


<aside> 🤔 What would you do? Would you add more tasks to your already cluttered task management system? Would you keep this info only in your mind?


<aside> 🙌🏼 Special thanks to redditors u/MathMan1234567890 and u/duduc4 for supporting my idea to post this template!


<aside> 🔁 Maybe you just need a way to differentiate sequential and parallel tasks. This is what some sequential tasks look like. 👉🏼



<aside> 🔢 And this is what sequential and parallel tasks look like when working together. 👉🏼



<aside> 🤯 If the GIFs above look confusing, this **ℹ** - Sequential Status ****might be of help.

Your focus should be the ✅ - Ready to be done! :) tasks, shouldn't it? Those are the ones you will most often see (and worry about).



<aside> 😎 This is it. Good job! Now see the table yourself. Remember to check the 🪟 other views as well.


Demo Tasks Dashboard

<aside> 🛠 Open the table above as a page (or click here to do that) and click on the Duplicate button to add a copy of it to your own notion workspace!


<aside> ➕ Optionally, you may have a look below to better understand how everything works. The following info might also be interesting and useful if you plan on building this setup from scratch or adding it to your already-in-use tasks management system.





⏮ - Previous

⏭ - Next

<aside> 🔁 Epic Relation (same database)


<aside> 🔁 Allows user to relate entries to previous or following entries on the same database.


⏮📊 - Previous Status

⏭📊 - Next Status

<aside> 🔎 Rollup:

Relation: ⏮ - Previous & ⏭ - Next Property: Done Calculate: Percent checked


<aside> 📊 Pulls the status (done = 100% or not done = 0%) ****of the previous and following entries and uses it in the formula below. It can be hidden.


ℹ - Sequential Status

<aside> 🗒️ Formula


if(and(prop("Done") == false, or(empty(prop("⏮ - Previous")), prop("⏮📊 - Previous Status") == 1)), "✅ - Ready to be done! :)", if(and(prop("Done") == true, prop("⏭📊 - Next Status") == 0), "⏭ [" + prop("⏭ - Next") + "] can be started!", if(and(prop("Done") == false, prop("⏮📊 - Previous Status") == 0), "⛔ [" + prop("⏮ - Previous") + "] is blocking this task!", if(and(prop("Done") == true, empty(prop("⏭ - Next"))), "😎 - This is it. Good job!", ""))))

<aside> 🗒️ Determines the status of the entry according to the values above and sets itself to one of the following options:

✅ - Ready to be done! :)

⛔ - [Previous task "X"] is blocking this task!

⏭ - [Next task "X"] can be started!

😎 - This is it. Good job!


Filters and Views